The Celtic God Lugh

Lately, I have been feeling a pull to work with the Celtic God Lugh, and I just completed some research on Him and I thought I would post some of the info I found. Lugh is an Irish God. Lugh’s father is named Cian and His mother is Ethniu. Lugh was apart of the Tuatha De Danann. Lugh is called the Master of Skills because He has many of them. He is a Wright, a Smith, a Champion, a Swordsman, a Harpist, a Hero, a Poet and Historian, a Sorcerer, and a Craftsman. He is also known as a Sun God and a diety that is involved in warcraft. Lugh is honored and followed as the Champion of Artistry and Skills. Everyone has skills, and some of us just dont realize them. Lugh will not grant you skills, but help you realize and empower the ones you have. Everyone needs a little “Sunshine” in their life and Lugh is just the God to call on for that. To me, He has a very youthful, but serious energy. To me, Lugh is an AMAZING DIETY! :) May He Bless You ALL!

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2 thoughts on “The Celtic God Lugh

  1. I LOVE the picture you found for him. That is awesome.

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