Yay for Tea!

Today, I was with my best friend Rachel. For a couple months I have been trying to find a tea I like and Rachel totally helped me out! She had a tea variety pack. In the pack was a tea called “Pomegranate Pizzaz”, By Bigelow Tea. THIS TEA WAS AMAZING! Rachel told me all about how pomegranates are used for Spirituality and other awesome things. So, I am going to start drinking tea more often now, and not have to gag!


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4 thoughts on “Yay for Tea!

  1. Brenna Adaira

    You’re so silly. Lol. I’m glad you like the tea though. ^_^

  2. That’s actually the flavor I like least! Haha When I drink tea, it has to be either plain green tea or black tea. ^^ Although I do love pomegranate’s!

    • lol. I have not yet tried green or black tea, but i love the fruity taste of this tea. It is very relaxing to me. lol. Blessed Be!

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