Mother Earth Leaf Healing Spell

As promised in my last post about my Mabon Ritual, here is a simple spell that you can incorporate into your Mabon Rite if you would like or any other time really.

Things You Need

One Dry, Pressed leaf

Strong Intent

What You Do

Hold the leaf in between your hands. Visualize strong, white healing light flowing from your body into the leaf. Visualize the Earth non polluted, with clean air and nature all around. Take the leaf, and crumble it within your hands. Throw it into the Autumn Winds or sprinkle it around the ground.


This is a very simple spell, but it shows your gratitude to Mother Earth. 🙂

Blessed Be!

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2 thoughts on “Mother Earth Leaf Healing Spell

  1. Crystal Muse

    Sometimes simple is the best way =)

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