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Hey Everybody! I am SO excited and I have to thank Rachel! WE are going to the Michigan Renaissance Festival this weekend! I jsut got payed forty dollars, and I am hoping to buy a HAND FORGED pentacle necklace there. There are also a couple tarot card readers there that I really want to meet. I will be making Youtube videos! Anyway, I jsut wanted to let you guys know about it, considering that the festival seems to be SO deeply routed in Paganism. Blessed Be!

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A New Oracle Deck!

Hello Everybody! I am SO excited today. One of my great youtube friends sent me an oracle deck that I recieved today and I thought that I should tell you all a little bit about it. The deck is called “Archangel Michael Oracle Cards” by Doreen Virtue. They are AMAZING cards with great messages. They are obviously centered around the archangel Michael. There beautiful cards! The backs have an amazign picture and the deck is gold edged. Each one of the cards has a beautiful painting. I would defitnly reccomend checking this deck out. Blessed Be!

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High School, AMAZING!

Hi everybody. Today was my first day of high school and it was AMAZING! I dont know why I was so nervous, but I am VERY happy! This is going to be a great year and I owe SO much to Lugh. He really is helping me already! Thanks Lugh! I am sorry this is so short, but I just wanted to update you all! I always wanted to give thanks to Lugh. He is a great God to work with. His power is AMAZING! Blessings Everybody and thanks for your support!

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First Year of High School, Fastly Approaching

I thought I would do post this because I wanted to help some of my nerves. I am starting High School next tuesday and I am VERY nervous! Mainly because now that I am ALL that way out of the brrom closet, im afraid that I will be bulleyed even more than last year for my beliefs. Yesterday I did a ritual with Rachel and Morgan. We made and burned sachets, and made and painted clay tailsmans which we empowered to help us through the school year. My tailsman is empowered for an array of protection throughout the year, and I am really hoping that its power will last for at least the school year. I am going to be going through my school supplies and empowering them for luck, and possibly setting up a small Crystal Grid in my locker if my friend Jessica allows me too. I know this was kinda short, but I thought a nice update post might be nice. Blessed Be!

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Banishing Bully Sheild

I thought I would post this with school starting soon, and as Pagans, we usually have trouble with bullys. This is a very simple visualization you can do if you feel like you could come in contact with any type of bully.

1. Ground and Center

2. Visualize a strong ball of white, Protective energy around you.

3. Tell the sheild with your thoughts that its purpose is to keep anyone seeking to do harm away from you.

4. Throughout the day, ask the Goddess and God to empower your sheild so that it remains strong throughout the day.

I know this seems to simple to work, but with strong intent you will keep any Bully away from you. But make sure that it is only for Bullys, as you can end up keeping a lot of people away from you.


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The Celtic God Lugh

Lately, I have been feeling a pull to work with the Celtic God Lugh, and I just completed some research on Him and I thought I would post some of the info I found. Lugh is an Irish God. Lugh’s father is named Cian and His mother is Ethniu. Lugh was apart of the Tuatha De Danann. Lugh is called the Master of Skills because He has many of them. He is a Wright, a Smith, a Champion, a Swordsman, a Harpist, a Hero, a Poet and Historian, a Sorcerer, and a Craftsman. He is also known as a Sun God and a diety that is involved in warcraft. Lugh is honored and followed as the Champion of Artistry and Skills. Everyone has skills, and some of us just dont realize them. Lugh will not grant you skills, but help you realize and empower the ones you have. Everyone needs a little “Sunshine” in their life and Lugh is just the God to call on for that. To me, He has a very youthful, but serious energy. To me, Lugh is an AMAZING DIETY! 🙂 May He Bless You ALL!

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