Where Have I Been?

Freshman Year: Year of Changes

Of course, blaming my discovery on all the life mash up’s I have been having would be downright foolish. This year my life has taken many different paths. I’ve changed so much. SO much. I’ve allowed a lot of things to happen this year which I shouldn’t have. The first, I allowed myself to grow apart from some of my great friends. I let them slip into the dust, and now I’m finally realizing how distant I have been throughout the year with them. The second thing I’ve allowed to happen, has perhaps, affected my life in the most negative manner. I started hanging out with questionable people, in order to “fit in”. All of my faults are surfacing now, but I’m trying to deal with both of them and many others as they reveal themselves. My life is just starting to surface from the negativity that this year has brought, and hopefully, the light of summer can bathe it in the positvity I’m going to need for some major growth this summer. Especially if I hope that my practice wont be affected by my pagan friends no longer physically being in my area. I need to learn my path for all that it is, for me anyway. Thank you for reading. Blessed Be!

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One thought on “Where Have I Been?

  1. It will come to you Mark, I had that period in my life around the same time, it was freshman to sophomore year and around the end of my sophomore year I woke up to myself and have grown exponentially from there. Just make sure to know that you can learn and have fun at the same time, don’t miss out! Blessed Be.

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