Healing Flames/Goodbye Sophomore Year

It’s over. My tenth grade year is finally, over. 

Yesterday at ten thirty in the morning, a bell signaled everyone in my high school to leave. Following the bell, was probably the biggest sigh of relief that has ever escaped my lips.

This year was hell. To say that I haven’t learned sooo much this year would be a lie. I have learned a lot. But, as always when going through transitions from negative to positive, it was an extremely hard process. It was a year that demanded more physical, mental, emotional, and even spiritual effort than I was ready to give. Between arguments with former friends, trying to maintain decent grades, and spiritual confusion, the year was tiring.

But enough about that. It is over. And today, the first day of my summer vacation, I ventured to my bonfire pit to mark an official end.

As you probably know, students are handed out A LOT of papers throughout the year. If we’re not constantly ripping pages from a notebook, we’re handed out worksheets or printing out pages from the internet. We spend many stressful hours working on these assignments, many times not completing them out of confusion. I feel like papers from your school year start get charged with lots of negative energy. This year, being the hardest in my opinion, probably left the worst psychic imprint on them. As of today, I wanted them gone.

Now usually, I would recycle the papers. I’m an earth friendly, proudly Pagan kind of person. But this year was different. I needed closure. I needed a physical symbol of my tenth grade year being, done. I decided to burn them.

I walked out to my bonfire pit, papers, folders, lighter, and incense in hand. I took a couple papers from the stack to light and start the fire. As some of the wood caught, I started to pile more and more assignments on. 

About half way through, I called on my patron Goddess, Brighid. I figured, since she was the Goddess of Fire and Healing, that it would be perfect. And, it was. As I invoked Her, the fire instantly rose and fully caught. I dropped the rest of the papers into the flames, and watched all of the stress of Sophomore year turn to ash.

Near the end, I could feel a definite release of negative energy. I felt a freedom that I had been yearning to feel all year. It was amazing, and extremely magickal. I had brought with me an incense called Peace of Mind, which has an amazing calming, floral scent. I lit it with the bonfire, and stuck it into the ground. The aroma of the incense mixing with the paper and wood was just what I needed, and marked the metaphorical end.

After that, I started walking back into my house. I left all of that negative, stressful school energy with the flames. It was one of the most magickal feelings I have ever felt. 

Goodbye Tenth Grade! 😀Image

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