Update: 2/18/2014

Hello my dear followers. What an extended period of absence. I hope everyone is doing well.

I thought that I’d stop by and let you all know what’s been going on in my life currently. Instead of doing what I usually do in update posts, such as provide excuses as to why I haven’t been on in forever, I’ll just get straight into it.

So where did we leave off? Oh yeah, last thing I blogged about dealt with the old circle I was in and camping. 

So basically, after coming to the realization that our circle just wasn’t working, we decided to disband and remain friends. It was probably the most rewarding and mature decision we ever made as an entirety. We chose to still go camping with each other and work on personal spiritual goals. 

When we began planning for camping, we had high hopes of going to a campground about two hours away from where we all lived. We came to find out that we just wouldn’t be able to make it work that far away, so we made reservations at our local state park. Because our other friends had jobs and commitments, Rachel and I were the only two who stayed for the whole time. We completed some personal rituals and readings, but a lot of what we planned on doing got cut with the extreme bug problem the park was facing. Like, we can handle bugs, but what was going on with mosquitoes and mayflies was out of control. I’ve never seen so many bugs.

While we were there, I made a few herbal satchets, completed a Druidic based rite based around summer goals with Brenna, and completed a Patron ritual where I focused on Brighid. While I was there I realized that animals were delivering a lot of messages.

While I was walking on the beach, I noticed a deer. Usually when deer notice humans they dash off into the forest. Surprisingly enough, this deer let me get within about three feet of it. It was crazy, just examining the animal and feeling the Herne energy it radiated. It was amazing.

The second animal experience I had occurred when I was walking through the woods. I heard some squirming and saw a huge raccoon scurrying. It was extremely close to me as well. I felt more attuned to nature just from being exposed to it for about a week.

After camping, not much more was celebrated throughout the course of summer. I went to a large music festival, completed a Lughnasadh and Midsummer rite, and went on a two week camping trip. I focused on becoming closer with nature and deity as a whole.

School quickly started and I found myself facing Junior year. Within a short time, I realized just how stressful it would become. Craziness. So much work and preparation all the time.

The next big high point came around Yule. Amongst Christmas shopping I felt extremely compelled to buy this Ganesha amulet at a craft store. This was weird for me, considering I followed a mainly Celtic path and Ganesha is from the Hindu pantheon. But, I followed my intuition and bought the amulet.

Yule came and I did a very insightful tarot reading and focused on pure, positive energy. Upon doing some meditation where I focused on a Ganesha mantra, I got the feeling that I should bless my amulet. I cleansed and empowered it, and asked of Ganesha’s blessings.

Things got weirder when I did a reading and the Lynx from the wildwood deck appeared. After researching, I found that the Lynx is pretty prominent in India where Ganesha mythology first took hold. Also, the card was associated with a keeper of secrets and mysteries. Around this time, my cards also indicated that a sudden negativity was gonna enter my life.

As time rolled on, I came to find that the negativity had arrived. Problems with friends and family almost erupted so suddenly and for a period of time I felt very alone. I focused on Ganesha’s energy and tried to relate to the messages I was receiving.

Eventually the problems started to quickly decline as I cut a bunch of negative situations out of my life. Along with the problems, I also felt my connection with Ganesha start to fade. I didn’t question it until recently, since I know that things become revealed in due time.

I found out that Ganesha, The Remover of Obstacles, has long been associated with a Deity who appears when you need him the most. During times of extreme obstacles and chaos, he makes an appearance and helps give you the push you need. When times were hard, He popped in and gave me the kick I needed and my problems started to diminish. Although currently I’m not actively pursing an extreme connection with Him, I do still feel that I haven’t seen the last. I know that the next time I am faced with some chaos I have a deity who I can call on for help. 🙂

So where does that leave me? Well, a bit stressed. I have a major test coming up that basically determines where and when I’ll be able to attend a university. A majority of my fate lies with this test so you can say I’m a bit worried. Along with that, this winter has been absolutely horrid. We’ve gotten the most snow I’ve ever seen, and have had about 15 days off of school that we’ll have to make up. I miss the grass and the leaved trees and the flowers and the Earth. Nature is where I turn to when I need that boost, and it’s hard to connect with through about a foot of ice and snow. 😉

Hopefully spring will bring the refreshing energy I need to stay focused and attuned. The rest of the year will fall into place and I’ll have plenty of opportunities this summer to stay spiritually connected to the things that I love.

Until next time,

Merry Meet, Merry Part,

And Merry Meet Again!


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