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Merry Meet, I am a Teen Pagan who is very serious about The Craft. On Youtube, I am know as TheWitchminor, and have had several accounts. I decided to keep a blog after I saw how awesome my friend Brenna's was. Im not only going to Blog about my daily Pagan life, but I will also put up Spells, Rituals, Invocations, Excerpts from Books, and tons of Informational stuff. Thank you for joining my Blogging Expirience. BLESSED BE!

Where am I Now?

It’s been a month and a half since my last post, and EVERYTHING is still up in the Air. Autumn has arrived, and has brought with it, an air of uncertainty. Everything is changing, morphing, taking a different form. Things that have been long hidden are bubbling to the surface of my life. I’m learning a lot. A lot about my path, the people around me, but most importantly, a lot about myself. SO many mixed vibes. It’s extremely hard to remain Ground and Centered, but, each day brings new enlightenment. I’m finally understanding, that nothing is permanent, everything changes, and, instead of fighting the forces of change, I should try my best to work with them. 🙂

NOW, on the note of my spirituality. When my Pagan friends left for college, I  was assuming that the physical being of the”Circle of Towering Trees” would be no more. The circle took on more of a metaphor for the things I was aiming to be, as it seemed that nearly half of the circle were not as persistent and focused as the other half. BUT, it seems as if the Circle is slowly making it’s way back, as my friend Rachel will actually be back home for a lot of Sabbats. This scares me. Let me explain.

At first, the circle was great. Everyone was focused and committed to making every ritual count. We had a ton of great rituals. But, things change, events in people’s lives’ cause a lot of pain. This can REALLY change a person. Which can change the outcome of the group coming together. Some of the members seemed to become more negative, not wanting to contribute, and our rituals seemed to fall apart. I wasn’t getting anything out of them. They were becoming more of us reading things that some of the circle didn’t understand, rather than the former amazing rituals. It became unsacred. It became Negative. And I started to regret considering myself part of the circle.

In MY head, I saw the leaving of my friends to University as a chance to work on my own path. To get to know myself, and maybe even include the newest member of our circle, Shelby, in my rituals. No more negativity. No more misunderstandings. No more judgement. It seemed perfect.

Now I’m learning that my friends are coming back for a ton of sabbats. Especially the more important ones. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE them. I LOVED the rituals we used to do in the beginning. BUT, I’m scared. I don’t want things to go wrong again. I don’t want to lose out on more ideas. I have a lot of thinking to do about everything. More than any other time, I need the Guidance of the Goddess and God right now. I know they are with me, and they will enhance my intuition so I will know what decision needs to be made. I promised giving the rituals a chance again, and I intend not to go back on my promise. But, if something goes extremely negatively again, I think I’m out.

So much to ponder. I hope everyone has an amazing Samhain, which is in 31 DAYS! YAY! Take advantage of the amazing Autumnal energy, and enhance your Spirituality in anyway you can! Hugs, Love, and Blessings! ❤Fall Pentacle.jpg

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Up In the Air

Summer is drawing close to being done, and wow, this summer has been stagnant. With Fall coming up, a VERY magickal time, at least in my life, I hope to draw in a more positive lifestyle. Everything right now, is up in the air. My friend and Mentor, Rachel, is on her way to college in nearly a weeks time, and this will be the first time that I will be on my own, so to speak. I know that the Gods are with me though, and I’m really going to need their help to fashion a stronger spiritual connection. I need that empowerment right now, really bad. Hopefully, Mabon will allow me to Banish the negative things in my life that I need to get rid of, so that on Samhain, I can really work through my shadowself, and Yule can be a time of bringing in all of the positive things I need. I wish you all a great end of your summer! Blessed Be!

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Where Have I Been?

Freshman Year: Year of Changes

Of course, blaming my discovery on all the life mash up’s I have been having would be downright foolish. This year my life has taken many different paths. I’ve changed so much. SO much. I’ve allowed a lot of things to happen this year which I shouldn’t have. The first, I allowed myself to grow apart from some of my great friends. I let them slip into the dust, and now I’m finally realizing how distant I have been throughout the year with them. The second thing I’ve allowed to happen, has perhaps, affected my life in the most negative manner. I started hanging out with questionable people, in order to “fit in”. All of my faults are surfacing now, but I’m trying to deal with both of them and many others as they reveal themselves. My life is just starting to surface from the negativity that this year has brought, and hopefully, the light of summer can bathe it in the positvity I’m going to need for some major growth this summer. Especially if I hope that my practice wont be affected by my pagan friends no longer physically being in my area. I need to learn my path for all that it is, for me anyway. Thank you for reading. Blessed Be!

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Hello everyone. I have not been posting recently, as I had been going through an Awful Spiritual Rut. I have found my way once again, so I will actually have something to post about now! I am hoping to start the book “Psychic Tarot” soon, so I will try to post some of the techniques I learn in that book on here so that we may all grow in the Tarot together. I know this is short, but it is just meant to be an Update. Blessed Be!

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A New Tarot Deck!

Today I got a new Tarot deck. It is called “The Original Rider Waite Tarot Pack”. It is the original version of the Rider Waite deck. It has a vintage style to it, which is amazing. It doesnt have the obnoixious yellow coloring in it that orignally made me not connected to the Rider Waite. Its SO beautiful and has the old fashioned look to it, while looking like a new deck. The set came with a smaller version of “The Key to the Tarot” by A.E. Waite and a fabulous box. Pamela Coleman Smith did such a great job with this deck. Im really connected to it and I reccomend it for any beginner in the Tarot. I will keep you all updated about how I am doing with this deck via WordPress and Youtube. Blessed Be! 🙂

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Full Moon in Aries

Hey Everbody! Tommorow is the Harvest Moon, and it will be in Aries. I thought I would let you know a little bit about the Full Moon in Aries. This is from Solitary Witch.

Sun is In: Libra

Full Moon Element Association: Fire

Sun element Association: Air

Suggested Ritual Theme: Advance social situations, find new friends, add passion to your romance. Work on music or use your favorite music in ritual. Rise to a challenge in a fair and honorable way.

Any Magick associated with Tuesday is a great thing to do tommorow, because you get the Allignment of the Day of the Week, and your spell will be backed up by the Full Moon’s Power.

Blessed Be, and Have a great Ritual!

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Runic Protection Spell

Today I did a very simple spell for protection around my Property. I live next door to a Fire Department, and the energy they bring back from traumatic expiriences is not energy that I want around me. Here is how you do it:

What You Need:



What You Do:

Walk to each corner of your property and draw the rune “Algiz” with your chalk. As you draw each rune, imagine the rune lighting up with strong protective energy and sinking into the earth to protect your property. you may say “Protect my property” or “Nothing Negative shall Enter” to activate the Runes Power. Walk to the center of your property, or your house if that is the center, and affirm that your Property is safe and secure while saying “So Mote It Be”.

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My New Pentacle!

I went to Ren Fest today with Rachel and Morgan. While I was there I bought a pentacle necklace that I am in LOVE WITH IT! Its called “The Goddess Pentacle”. Its floral, and the Earthy Goddess Mojo energy it has is breathtaking. I jsut wanted to make a vid and show a picture of it.:) Blessed Be!

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Hey Everybody! I am SO excited and I have to thank Rachel! WE are going to the Michigan Renaissance Festival this weekend! I jsut got payed forty dollars, and I am hoping to buy a HAND FORGED pentacle necklace there. There are also a couple tarot card readers there that I really want to meet. I will be making Youtube videos! Anyway, I jsut wanted to let you guys know about it, considering that the festival seems to be SO deeply routed in Paganism. Blessed Be!

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A New Oracle Deck!

Hello Everybody! I am SO excited today. One of my great youtube friends sent me an oracle deck that I recieved today and I thought that I should tell you all a little bit about it. The deck is called “Archangel Michael Oracle Cards” by Doreen Virtue. They are AMAZING cards with great messages. They are obviously centered around the archangel Michael. There beautiful cards! The backs have an amazign picture and the deck is gold edged. Each one of the cards has a beautiful painting. I would defitnly reccomend checking this deck out. Blessed Be!

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