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Full Moon in Aries

Hey Everbody! Tommorow is the Harvest Moon, and it will be in Aries. I thought I would let you know a little bit about the Full Moon in Aries. This is from Solitary Witch.

Sun is In: Libra

Full Moon Element Association: Fire

Sun element Association: Air

Suggested Ritual Theme: Advance social situations, find new friends, add passion to your romance. Work on music or use your favorite music in ritual. Rise to a challenge in a fair and honorable way.

Any Magick associated with Tuesday is a great thing to do tommorow, because you get the Allignment of the Day of the Week, and your spell will be backed up by the Full Moon’s Power.

Blessed Be, and Have a great Ritual!

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Runic Protection Spell

Today I did a very simple spell for protection around my Property. I live next door to a Fire Department, and the energy they bring back from traumatic expiriences is not energy that I want around me. Here is how you do it:

What You Need:



What You Do:

Walk to each corner of your property and draw the rune “Algiz” with your chalk. As you draw each rune, imagine the rune lighting up with strong protective energy and sinking into the earth to protect your property. you may say “Protect my property” or “Nothing Negative shall Enter” to activate the Runes Power. Walk to the center of your property, or your house if that is the center, and affirm that your Property is safe and secure while saying “So Mote It Be”.

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Banishing Bully Sheild

I thought I would post this with school starting soon, and as Pagans, we usually have trouble with bullys. This is a very simple visualization you can do if you feel like you could come in contact with any type of bully.

1. Ground and Center

2. Visualize a strong ball of white, Protective energy around you.

3. Tell the sheild with your thoughts that its purpose is to keep anyone seeking to do harm away from you.

4. Throughout the day, ask the Goddess and God to empower your sheild so that it remains strong throughout the day.

I know this seems to simple to work, but with strong intent you will keep any Bully away from you. But make sure that it is only for Bullys, as you can end up keeping a lot of people away from you.


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The Celtic God Lugh

Lately, I have been feeling a pull to work with the Celtic God Lugh, and I just completed some research on Him and I thought I would post some of the info I found. Lugh is an Irish God. Lugh’s father is named Cian and His mother is Ethniu. Lugh was apart of the Tuatha De Danann. Lugh is called the Master of Skills because He has many of them. He is a Wright, a Smith, a Champion, a Swordsman, a Harpist, a Hero, a Poet and Historian, a Sorcerer, and a Craftsman. He is also known as a Sun God and a diety that is involved in warcraft. Lugh is honored and followed as the Champion of Artistry and Skills. Everyone has skills, and some of us just dont realize them. Lugh will not grant you skills, but help you realize and empower the ones you have. Everyone needs a little “Sunshine” in their life and Lugh is just the God to call on for that. To me, He has a very youthful, but serious energy. To me, Lugh is an AMAZING DIETY! 🙂 May He Bless You ALL!

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Mother Earth Leaf Healing Spell

As promised in my last post about my Mabon Ritual, here is a simple spell that you can incorporate into your Mabon Rite if you would like or any other time really.

Things You Need

One Dry, Pressed leaf

Strong Intent

What You Do

Hold the leaf in between your hands. Visualize strong, white healing light flowing from your body into the leaf. Visualize the Earth non polluted, with clean air and nature all around. Take the leaf, and crumble it within your hands. Throw it into the Autumn Winds or sprinkle it around the ground.


This is a very simple spell, but it shows your gratitude to Mother Earth. 🙂

Blessed Be!

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Mabon Rite Outline

Mabon 2011-September 23rd

1) Leave a stick of incense outside of the working area as an offering to the outside energies and ask them to please not interfere.

2)Prepare Ritual Area-Set up Altar, Smudge Area, Make Sure you have Everything

3)Ground and Center

4) Cast Circle-Call Quarters, Invoke Goddess and God

5)Recite Mabon invocation from Solitary Witch-Pg.88

6) Mabon Meditation-Attune with the new Autumn Energies

7) Leaf Healing Spell-This will be posted after I have this Rite posted.

8) Give thanks to your Dieties for all of the Blessings you have been Recieving

9) Cakes and Ale- Corn Bread and Apple Harvest Punch. Bless cakes and Ale-Wicca, by Scott Cunningham pg.133

10) Thank Goddess and God, Thank Quarters, Open Circle

11) Ground and Center

12) Pick Up Ritual Area

13) Thank the Outsiders once Again

This is a Solitary Mabon Rite that I wrote with the help of some of my Books. I will be doing this outside. Mabon is one of my favorite, if not my favorite, Sabbats. I feel very attuned with it. Blessed Be!

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